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Nine Habits of Highly Effective Innovators: and how you can encourage them in your organization

Advanced | Duration: 42:32 | Homework 30


Innovation is the lifeline of progress, and those who master its nuances stand at the forefront of change. This course, "Nine Habits of Highly Effective Innovators," is meticulously crafted to provide professionals an insider look into the distinguishing habits that characterize influential innovators across the globe and how to encourage such habits in their own organizations or those of their clients.  As a precursor to an immersive live workshop, this course offers participants the chance to introspect, dissect, and address specific personal experiences related to innovation.

Delve into not just the nine, but potentially more habits that mark effective innovators, understand the intrinsic reasons for their emergence, and get equipped with actionable strategies to nurture them. This course is segmented into three pivotal chapters that provide:

  • A Framework to Assess and Encourage the "9 Habits": Grasp a comprehensive structure to evaluate your existing habits and learn strategies to cultivate and strengthen the habits of top-tier innovators.
  • Structured Steps to Action: Transition from understanding to implementation with systematic steps that pave the way for transforming knowledge into tangible innovation outcomes.
  • A Logical Model to Contemplate and Strategize: Engage with a well-defined model to navigate the complexities of innovation, equipping you to conceptualize, plan, and aid clients on their innovation journey.

Prerequisites and audience


  • Prior Coursework: Participants should have successfully completed at least the Basic and Yellow courses or their equivalent. Completion of the Green course is highly recommended.
  • Practical Experience: As this course delves into personal reflection and application, participants should be experienced practitioners, with a foundation in encouraging innovative behavior. This experience will serve as a cornerstone for discussions, reflections, and applications throughout the course.
  • Self-awareness and Openness: The course demands introspection and an ability to critically assess and discuss one's experiences. Thus, participants should be prepared to think about and openly converse regarding their individual journeys in fostering innovation.

Intended Audience

  • Experienced Practitioners: This course is tailored for professionals who have a substantial background in promoting innovative behavior and have actively engaged in its practices.
  • Innovation Facilitators & Coaches: Individuals who are in roles where they guide, mentor, or coach others in cultivating innovative behaviors will find the course especially beneficial.
  • Consultants and Client-facing Professionals: Those who work closely with clients and aim to utilize innovative frameworks and strategies to address client-specific situations will gain actionable insights from this course.
  • Corporate Trainers and HR Professionals: Personnel responsible for nurturing a culture of innovation within organizations, training teams, or guiding talent development initiatives can leverage the course to enhance their toolkit.

Note: The course is designed to not only bolster the participant's understanding and application of innovation habits but also to serve as a tool they can deploy in diverse client scenarios, enriching their consultancy and advisory roles.

Course Goal

Course goals:

  • Empowerment through Knowledge: Equip participants with a clear understanding of the distinguishing habits that define successful innovators and how to replicate them.
  • Personalized Reflection: Facilitate introspection, allowing participants to identify and address their specific innovation-related experiences.
  • Hands-On Strategies: Provide actionable steps and methodologies for participants to foster, refine, and harness the habits of effective innovation.
  • Structured Thinking and Planning: Deliver a logical model to assist participants in systematic thinking, facilitating the development of robust working plans tailored to aid clients.


After the course, you have the option to purchase a digital micro-credential certificate, linked to the Blockchain, for USD99.



Gerry Purcell

Gerry Purcell has over 25 years of experience as an operations executive and a principal consultant in leading global consultancies, including BCG and Kearney, and several boutique firms. He is an intuitive thinker and an experienced advisor, Gerry has a confident, collaborative, and personable working style. A classically trained consultant, he has worked as an analyst, program manager, and engagement executive in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, and served in executive roles at two national financial institutions in Canada.

His experience and understanding of the underpinnings of how strategy execution works, and the social, physical, and structural dynamics of organizations, enable his clients to harness their entrepreneurial spirit, break new ground, communicate broadly, uncover new ideas, and seek that thought unattainable


Cher Marisse Gulinao

A very insightful course that could help find the right people in an organisation, to use their strengths in order to grow

Gerry Purcell

"This is the best I have seen in creating habits for innovation linked to our research and the most significant innovation management database in the world. Taught by the former BCG and Kearney principal Gerry Purcell. Take the course today and earn the certificate. You won't find this on ChatGPT or by Googling." Magnus Penker (Best Selling Author and Founder, I360)