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Growth Mindset

Beginner | Duration: 47:46


Growth Mindsets create innovation culture that responds to the uncertainty that exists in organizations. In 2014, Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft and faced multiple challenges that were leading to bankruptcy. Nadella started a Growth Mindset journey. That journey is credited as the foundation allowing Microsoft to move away from internal competition and lagging growth, towards a more open, collaborative, and humble organization. In less than eight years Microsoft has grown from $300 billion to about $2.5 trillion.

Prerequisites and audience

This course is intended for everyone, and no prior knowledge is required.

Course Goal

In this workshop you will explore four key themes to understand how you can apply a Growth Mindset in your organization to create a competitive advantage and initiate a radical innovation culture that allows for H1, H2 and H3 growth: • See failure as a learning opportunity • Embrace discomfort as a way to unlock resistance to change • Journey towards mastery • Value process over perfection


At the conclusion of the course, you have the option of purchasing a blockchained digital micro-credential certificate for USD99.