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The Foundation of Innovation Management

Beginner | Duration: 58:18


Everyone would agree that innovation is valuable and necessary, but how does innovation happen? Innovation is not a goal to strive for or a simple metric to benchmark against, rather, it is a complex system, designed to function in a dynamic, unpredictable environment. While innovation requires a methodology to succeed, it is not a formula. Successes cannot be transplanted from one context to another. A strategy can only be designed after a careful evaluation of what makes an organization unique, requiring an analysis that is both qualitative and quantitative to uncover the right insights. Once an innovation project begins, things move fast, so having the correct framework to make decisions is key. This introduction to Magnus Penker’s Innovation Management will guide you through the proven methodology used by global companies, scale-ups and unicorns all over the world to push the bounds of the possible and achieve remarkable, market-tested results.

Prerequisites and audience

The audience is all people working within an organization they want to develop.

Course Goal

To learn the fundamentals of innovation management and lay a foundation for further studies and also possible accreditation as an Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner.


You will be able to buy ($99US) a block-chained digital micro-credential certificate after you complete the course (optional).



Magnus Penker

Magnus Penker is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author and an internationally-renowned thought leader on innovation, sustainability, and business transformation. He is a speaker at prestigious global forums and events such as the Global Peter Drucker Forum, and at top-ranked international business and design schools, a variety of associations, and some of the world’s largest companies. Magnus recently launched the bestseller Play Bold, is writing a five-volume series The Complete Guide to Business Innovation, is a former contributing editor at the International Journal of Innovation Science, and pens a column for the American business magazine Inc Magazine.
As a result of these achievements he has been honored with the Business Worldwide Magazine’s award for “Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016” and was appointed a Global Top 100 CEO by CEO Monthly in 2018. Additionally, he has launched 10 start-ups as well as acquired, turned around, and sold 30+ SMEs all over Europe.


Jeremy Staples

Everyone at, or aspiring to move to, the senior level of an organization needs to take this course. It provides an excellent primer on Innovation management allowing you to see the breadth, depth and inter-connectivity between the different elements that impact an organizations ability to innovate. It provides a framework to move from a shotgun approach to organizational innovation, one without any real direction, to an intentional innovation strategy with systems and metrics to know where you are today and how far you have progressed on your innovation journey. Just enough to help you see that if you are serious about building an innovative organization you need to work to build an innovation system.

Lauro Molina

Very complete collection around innovation management

Vikram K

I like it very much


Very good course, the main downside is , as always, the creative new use of words , makes some things a little hard to grasp right away.


As an IMBB Innovation Management Balck belt and Gold Partner in Brazil, I use this course as an introduction for my clients. Highly appreciated.

Fergal Finlay

Yes! Simple, logical, comprehensive, great scope and fit


Excellent course that shared the depth and complexity of innovation management


Great job!