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Mastering Ideation in the Digital Age: Diverse Thinking and Inclusive Practices

Beginner | Duration: 36:09 | Homework 00:15


Despite increased efforts to improve diversity, inclusiveness lags behind in most companies. This situation creates barriers to generating diverse ideas and is stalling innovation. It has been proven repeatedly that diverse teams make better decisions and contribute to developing more successful commercial launches.

The lack of time, knowledge, or tools prevents innovation leaders from improving ideas by making the process more inclusive. A hybrid and remote work environment makes inviting all team members to brainstorming sessions and hackathons difficult.

Finally, language, cultural norms, or hierarchy may prevent some team members from expressing their ideas openly. This course equips you to inclusively crowdsource ideas in the digital age of hybrid work and turn them into potent business advancement and growth.

You will learn from real-world cases and innovation science, ensuring a holistic understanding of ideation's importance and methodologies. Beyond theory, you will explore practical strategies for optimizing brainstorming in diverse settings and navigating digital ideation platforms. You can bridge vast networks of thoughts and ideas for transformative business innovation with the right tools and knowledge. 

Prerequisites and audience

The course is designed for executives who manage the innovation or strategic planning process and ideation campaigns. No prerequisite knowledge is required.

Course Goal

By the end of this course, participants will be adept at harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion in today's digital era, vital for driving innovation. Learners will delve deep into the multifaceted advantages of a diverse workforce, confronting barriers to inclusion and the methodologies to overcome them. Through real-world case studies, scientific insights, and learning how to use digital platforms such as Ideation360, participants will be empowered with the skills to initiate, manage, and refine ideation processes in their organizations. They will be equipped to engage internal and external stakeholders, analyze ideation outcomes strategically, and foster a culture that perpetually encourages diverse and inclusive thinking.


After the course, you can purchase a digital micro-credential certificate linked to the Blockchain for USD99.