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The Truth about Employee Engagement

Beginner | Duration: 46:45


8 out of 10 employees globally, and almost 7 out of 10 employees in the United States are disengaged from their work. What is driving this dissatisfaction that is creating the Great Resignation? According to Gallup, it is the treatment employees receive from their direct managers. If we improve employee engagement we improve we increase revenue, customer brand loyalty, and many other metrics. How do we uncover the truth of employee engagement?

Prerequisites and audience

This course is intended everyone and no prior knowledge is required

Course Goal

In this workshop, you will explore three key themes related to increasing employee engagement in your organization: • Understand why managers need to know their employees and care about them in a meaningful way • Help managers explain to employees why their job matters and why what they do is important to others • Ensure managers give employees a means to measure how they are performing in their job Implementing these simple and fast strategies will shift employees' thinking so that they can start to love their job, and in turn, will contribute to the development of a healthy organizational culture.


You will be able to buy ($99US) a block-chained digital micro-credential certificate after you complete the course (optional).