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Business Experiments: A Guide to Why and How

Intermediate | Duration: 51:23


If you cannot rapidly validate a business problem in today’s world, you will be left behind. This course will teach you to be nimble and quick by designing and carrying out business experiments yourself from Innovation 360's exclusive experiment library for curated cases.

Prerequisites and audience


  • Basic knowledge of innovation management 
  • Interest in conducting business experiments


  • Professionals working with development and innovation, strategy, marketing, and consultants
  • Those lecturing at and/or attending MBA programs or other business programs

Course Goal

To learn how to supercharge your innovation process with experiments done by you and others within your organization. To this, you will get an exclusive downloadable copy of the Innovation360 Experimentation Guide, loaded with 44 authentic and in-depth business experiments to be used directly after the course.


After the course, you can purchase a digital micro-credential certificate, linked to the Blockchain, for USD99.



Johannes Jarl

Johannes Jarl serves as an executive director operating out of Innovation 360 Group’s Executive Office in New York City. He focuses on innovation management analysis, innovation strategy development and transformation programs, including executive coaching, for Innovation 360’s global clients. His assignments traverse cutting-edge work with some of the largest private and state-owned companies in the world, as well as extreme scale-ups. Concentrating on globally operating enterprises has allowed Johannes to gain a particular proficiency in cross-border enterprise challenges and opportunities.


Niklas Tiger

This course gives you a very good overview on how to reduce uncertainty (and keep costs as low as possible) while validating your ideas before going into a commercialization phase.

Cher Marisse Gulinao

The course is highly recommended, it delivers great understanding of Business Experiments.

Tord Thunman

A great guide to take the next step and steps!!

Courisse Knight

The business experiments course gave me a good sense of what methods and ways of thinking I can apply to different situations and what are the most important types of questions to ask

George William Elhachem

Very nice course. I liked it

José Moreno Fernández

A great course is a good guide with important concepts and knowledge. Thank you!

Tobias Larsson

Excellent! Interesting and useful content presented in a clear, easy to follow and effective way!

David Greenhalgh

Excellent! Great examples and very easy to follow.


Outstanding training course. High-quality material presented, support material, and of course the exceptional way presented by Johannes. Great Job "

Saja Althwainy

Great learning, thank you Johannes! We used to use some of the testing tools in UX field but the way you presented it will help to make it more systemized

Khaldoun Aboul-Saoud

Great Course with great insights

Frederik Petre

Very insightful! Great stuff!

Lauro Molina

Great course and amazing resourses, this content will defenetly be usefull to unlock innovation teams and help them advance in the 4 leves of experiments.

Paulo Malta

Very good course about business experimentation, including an excellent repository with 44 experiments.

Jeremy Staples

Excellent dive into the value and importance of experimentation as a mechanism to rapidly assess ideas without investing significant time and money. Lots of practical tips and ideas that can be used in the real world to build your capacity to build valid experiments!